Social Community Manager

Learn to professionally manage marketing and advertising on social channels.

The increasing use of social media network platforms has made their use indispensable even in the context of marketing by creating new job offers. The Social Community Manager, also called Web Community Manager or even more often Social Media Specialist, is a very coveted figure. With the Social Community Manager course of Digital Cultures it is possible to learn all the characteristics of the main social networks in circulation, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok and Twitter, and use them for business growth by planning and monitoring a strategy.

The Social Community Manager course

The Social Community Manager course of Digital Cultures trains you as a professional figure who
encompasses the skills of a social media strategist and social media marketer. It’s about a
figure capable of planning the presence of the company or brand on the various social channels
monitoring the web reputation to interpret the factors that condition it. Thanks to the course of
Culture Digitali also learn to create original and effective content, to dialogue with the audience of
social networks also to intervene, moderate and manage crisis situations that could compromise
corporate credibility. The intent, in these cases, is to transform a crisis into a possibility
to strengthen the community that interacts with the company.
The goal of the Social Media Community course of Digital cultures is to make you immediately
autonomous and therefore ready to propose you on a corporate, Web Agency and freelance level as one
a figure that goes beyond the Social Media Manager and also works within fan pages and groups
institutional that are not owned. In fact, we teach you to intercept places and people
with which it is possible to make contacts to strengthen the web reputation and for this reason you can

The objectives of Culture Digitali course

To pursue the set goal, practical lessons are provided during the course for
experience immediately what has been learned through direct experiences with the realization of
personal projects. During each step you will be followed by specialized teachers of Culture Digitali
that will help you in learning skills.

Do you want to enter the digital world too? Contact us for more information on the course.

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