Web Analytics Specialist

Become a Web Analytics Specialist, one of the most requested professional figures on the market.

When undertaking an online marketing campaign, defining a strategy and monitoring it is of primary importance.

The figure of the Web Analytics Specialist has therefore become very prominent within companies and Web agencies precisely because of its

The Web Analytics Specialist course

The Web Analytics Specialist course in Digital Cultures prepares you as a professional studying,
designs and implements strategies in the field of digital marketing. The task of this figure is to
measure and examine all data from the web in order to create detailed reports for
understand and improve the performance of websites, social networks and apps. To this end, with Culture
Digitali, you learn to analyze the active web channels of a customer, to report the data relating to the different ones
Google Ads campaigns but above all to interpret Google Analytics data to draw up a
clear and complete report of the activities carried out and aimed at implementing and improving the
web marketing strategies.

The objectives of Culture Digitali course

The goal of the Web Analytics Specialist course in Digital Cultures is to teach you how to
fully understand the online experience of users. This will make it possible
optimize it to your advantage and use it competitively. The teaching method used by
Culture Digitali is aimed at making you independent immediately, in order to spend your skills
in the workplace already at the end of the course itself, proposing you as a freelance or collaborator
of companies and Web Agencies
To pursue the set goal, during the Web Analytics Specialist course, they are provided
practical lessons to immediately experience what has been learned through direct experiences with the
realization of personal projects. During each step you will be followed by specialized teachers of
Culture Digitali that will help you in learning skills.

Do you want to enter the digital world too? Contact us for more information on the course.

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