Web Designer

The Web Designer course is a great choice for your professional future.

To be successful, a site must also be well structured on an aesthetic level. This is where it comes in
the figure of the Web Designer who is not only capable of creating a website from scratch
but also to customize it and manage the graphics inside.

The Web Designer course

The Web Designer course of Culture Digitali provides you with all the knowledge to operate immediately in
this sector. With us you learn how to create the site and graphics tailored to the customer from scratch
starting from an analysis of its needs, of the sector in which it is positioned, of the requests and of what
wishes to communicate. The Digital Cultures course allows you to learn how to communicate through
aesthetics and direct users towards a choice, through the use of more graphics
captivating, perfect colors and functions to be activated according to the customer to customize the
maximum its website and adapt it to market demands.

The objectives of Digital Culture course

The goal of the Culture Digitali Web Designer course is to train a professional who
can immediately enter the world of work by operating independently through the use of
software, CMS and frameworks combined with different languages For this reason we aim for
increase your creative skills. The course allows you to learn also the different ones
role definitions within a team and to learn how to manage the relationship with customers from the stage
estimate up to the actual realization of the project.
To pursue the set goal, practical lessons are provided during the course for
experience immediately what has been learned through direct experiences with the realization of
personal and group projects. During each step you will be followed by specialized teachers of
Culture Digitali that will help you in learning skills.
Are you passionate about web and website development? Contact us for more information on the course.

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